A very special crime heroine….


As all fans of 1940s crime noir fiction know, there’s a whole bunch of male private investigators. Tough guy loner sleuths who lurk in the shadows of the underworld, cracking crime and pulling the dames.

For my debut novel, I wanted to create my own 1940s female sleuth, a character who isn’t just a ‘female equivalent’ of a noir private detective, but one who brings a woman’s perspective to her cases; a woman who isn’t held back by conventions of the times, but someone who cuts her own path in life.

Meet Elvira Slate, jailbird turned private investigator.

Elvira is an ex-convict black-market racketeer from London with her own unique take on the world and its problems. She cracks cases, using her petty crime skills, powers of perception and experiences learnt at the school of hard knocks.

I’m very excited that Miracle Mile, the first novel in the Elvira Slate Investigations crime series, will be published in the not too distant future! If you like the sound of Elvira's escapades, please fill out the contact form so I can keep you posted.



Made Moll, a novelette


I’ve written a novelette called Made Moll about Elvira's teenage years in South London in the 1930s when she pulls off a heist with the help of a local gangster.

It will be available in June as an e-book. Please fill out the contact form and I'll keep you posted.

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A very special world...


Although Elvira’s world is edgy, I like to think is more softboiled than hardboiled, a rosy-tinted noir. It’s wonderfully evoked in these original colour photos of 1940s LA by Edward Alinder. Many thanks to Gary Alinda for his permission to use.