Women Screenwriters

I wrote an entry on Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer Ida Lupino in this opus dedicated to female screenwriters, edited by Jule Selbo and Jill Nelmes.

Writing Romcoms

Here’s something for romantic comedy scribes. Co-written with my chum Craig Batty.  It’s a practical guide to thinking about comedic love stories for film and TV.

The Woman in the Story


The first edition of The Woman in the Story. As a fan of vintage, I love this front cover for its ‘acid 40s’ feel and the element of mystery. We don’t know who she is, or what’s she’s doing (other than having a good time by a pool). Has she just killed someone? Is she being handed a cocktail by her lesbian lover? Is she a transsexual? Is she rich with her own pool, or is she the maid enjoying a meditative moment before her cleaning shift?


The Woman in the Story has been translated into Polish!