Dotting the private i’s

Editing, editing, editing.

Can you ever do enough? Will you ever want to stop changing things? And what about that paragraph that was so good but you cut it, binned it, and now it’s the only thing that will work…

So I’m busy finishing the final edits on Jailbird Detective, my first novel, a crime detective series. A labour of love project I began in the summer of 2010, exactly the same year my book on screenwriting The Woman in the Story: Writing Memorable Female Characters aka ‘WITS’ was first published.

After many years writing film scripts, writing fiction is a guilty pleasure – and writing in the first person narration is like binge eating chocolate after the gruelling dietary ‘show don’t tell’ diktats of screenwriting.

The big plan was to finish the book within twelve months, but the success of WITS took me on some other adventures. The novel was put down, picked up again, and so on..over the years.

Most writers, myself included, crave for periods of solitude and headspace, but who actually gets that? The proverbial ‘Room of One’s Own’ or Wo/Man Cave is a creative nirvana, tantalisingly just out of reach. So ‘needs must’. Now I’m an advocate of creativity on the hoof, scribbling on the train, and heavy use of the voice memo app!

I’m in full view of the finishing line. Phew.

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